Faq for Venusia Paint

Room at night with Venusia Paint

Room at night with Venusia Paint

What is Venusia ?

Is the new photoluminescent acrylic finish by Eclà Decoration, that lights up in the dark. With it you can create a beautiful starry sky in your own room.

How does the paint light up ?

The paint gathers light from natural or artificial sources gradually releasing it then at night, gradually.

How long does it last ?

Venusia’s light last roughly five to six hours for the starry sky, while it lasts eight to ten hours for Venusia Lux. This depends also on how long the paint has been exposed to direct or indirect light. During the first hours, the light is at maximum strength.

How can I create my own starry sky in my room ?

With Venusia it is easy to do: you only need to check out our tutorial and buy the needed material on our online shop.

Can I decorate something different than walls ?

Of course.

Thanks to our Fashion Glow finishes, Venusia Lux, Venusia Lux Plus, Cristal, you can decorate many other objects, such as: hats, wooden objects and everything that can be painted with a simple paintbrush.

You can find the Fashion Glow in our online shop.

Heart Shaped Box (Night)

Fine fashion primer and a double coating on Venusia Lux

Heart Shaped Box (Day)

Fine fashion primer and a double coating on Venusia Lux

Where can I find Venusia and the other photoluminescent paints ?

The Venusia paint and all the other instruments are available to buy on our online shop. It’s really easy and convenient to place your order.

Can Venusia pints substitute a night lamp ?

Yes, Venusia creates a soft glow that lasts all night, making the use of a night light not necessary. You can save energy, and money since Venusia uses no form of electricity.

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