How to create a starry sky in your home

How many times have you thought, it would be wonderful to sleep under the stars ?

Technology has made your wish come true !

You can now create a “Starry Night” effect which only requires a few simple steps. You need know special skills or ability but a wonderful imagination and the innovative photo luminescent Venusia paint !

Starry Sky in any room

Here is how you bring to life your “Starry Night” that glows in the dark, night after night, for years to enjoy.

To create “Starry Night” you must prepare your ceiling or wall, they must be free of all previous paints or coloring, if some remains, it is important to sand paper it down thoroughly.

The next step requires a coat of Fashion Primer Sabbiato deluted down to 3% with water, this covering product is your base. one single coat should be enough but many walls and ceilings absorb differently and a second coat may be needed.

Apply with standard paint roller or ceiling brush. After 6 to 8 hours of drying time for Primer Sabbiato application you can now begin your Venusia “Starry Sky” application. To decorate, apply a uniform and consistent coat of Venusia paint, the color will apply with a pink hue but turns white when it dries.

That’s it, you are done !

Now ! to get the optimum “Starry Skies” effect you desire, you must “charge” or illuminate your ceiling or wall(s) with hours of sunlight or any other artificial light source available. The “Starry Sky” photo luminescent paint will release its gathered light at night and creates your magical Sky of Stars.


Buy the Venusia Paint

To create a starry sky in your home is very easy and for everybody: you will need to buy the Venusia Paint, the Primer Sabbiato and a brush for the application.

You will find everything on our online shop.

If you need any help, feel free to contact us on our contact page.


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